There’s a SECOND time for everything. And a THIRD…

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How many times do we really wish we had “written that down” only to have it vanish in the smoke of our memories? Not even. More like, crowded out with passwords and planners and apps and policies. I’m an RN. We like to say, “if you didn’t chart it (write it down) you didn’t do it.” If that’s the case, I haven’t really done 43 years so far. Not to say that I haven’t tried. This is my second or third attempt at a blog or record of events or whatever you want to call it. But this time it is different. This time I am acutely aware of how short this life is. Blogging won’t make it longer but it will let someone, anyone know, after I am gone, that there was life here and that I did do it. Cuz I wrote it down.

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