Montana Association of Chiefs of Police, Missoula, Montana

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No lie. This is how it happened:

I am sitting at the nurse’s station (I sincerely don’t know, is it nurse’s station or nurses station?) at Billings Clinic when Chief Musson walks by with his beautiful wife and we strike up a conversation about how funny I was at the volunteer dinner for the Alberta Bair Theatre a few years back. Then, Chief Musson says, nonchalantly, “Hey, I need to get your number. We’re having a conference and I think you’d be great.”

That happens ALL THE TIME.

So, I’m thinking, maybe that is the way God wants it; one by one, word of mouth, just kinda falls in my lap.


He’s saying, “What do I have to do!? Keep dropping this stuff in your lap!? Get up and do something, would you?”

Either way, it is going to be a BLAST in Missoula, this Thursday. I will try to get lots of pictures but if you are in the area, would you let me know? I’ve heard it’s beautiful there this time of year!

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