Say… it’s been a minute!

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Two years ago I really thought there wouldn’t be ANYTHING better than to work my three 12 hour shifts then fly out to some far away place and do a presentation then come back and do it all again the NEXT week. Uh. Yeah. My mind has changed. Turns out I REALLY love being home with my kids and my beautiful bride! Who knew!? So here it is, Halloween and we are having a blast!!

How many more years will there be where we have a pizza, an ACE of spades and the main character from the “What Does The Fox Say?” video? HA! But really. It has been busier the past few months with speaking and working my “regular” bedside, hospital RN job than I care to even relay to you. Suffice it to say, I am enjoying NOT being on the GO GO GO train all the time and am looking forward to enjoying these upcoming holidays before they are all just memories. I LOVE coming to present for folks – but the reason it’s been a whopping TWO years since my last post is because I LOVE those folks in that picture, too. I know you get it. Enjoy your upcoming holidays. Be available. Pay attention. Soak it in. I’ll talk to you soon. Drop me a line! Take care =)


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