Wow! I’m lazy!

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So, I’ve been speaking a TON lately. Most recently for the RiverStone Health ten year celebration! But I’m too lazy to promote what I’m up to! How weird is THAT!? Next month I’m MC for the opening ceremonies for the Big Sky State Games and then the Rocky Mountain Childbirth conference, etc, etc. Don’t get […]

Say… it’s been a minute!

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Two years ago I really thought there wouldn’t be ANYTHING better than to work my three 12 hour shifts then fly out to some far away place and do a presentation then come back and do it all again the NEXT week. Uh. Yeah. My mind has changed. Turns out I REALLY love being home […]

Independence Day. Nuff said.

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July 4th. Freedom. Breaking free. Independence. Now what? “So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains. But we never even know we have the key.” -The Eagles I just want to take a moment to say that whatever you enjoyed about this weekend; skiing, boating, laughing with friends over the barbecue… […]

Wouldn’t it be nice?

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Montana State University Billings is hosting TEDxMSUBillings in the fall! Of course, I applied! Of course! Now what? I am a HUGE fan of TED talks. They have helped formulate the way I see the world. Really. They are that good. I love the NPR and TED Radio Hour. I can listen and drive and […]

Montana Association of Chiefs of Police, Missoula, Montana

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No lie. This is how it happened: I am sitting at the nurse’s station (I sincerely don’t know, is it nurse’s station or nurses station?) at Billings Clinic when Chief Musson walks by with his beautiful wife and we strike up a conversation about how funny I was at the volunteer dinner for the Alberta […]

What I learned today…

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Remember the ending of every Mork and Mindy episode? Mork had a quick talk with the head alien that had sent him to earth? Today I presented for folks in the mental health profession. I was reminded that the idea of mental health is not really different than overall health. Thanks, ESAA Montana. I needed […]

There’s a SECOND time for everything. And a THIRD…

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How many times do we really wish we had “written that down” only to have it vanish in the smoke of our memories? Not even. More like, crowded out with passwords and planners and apps and policies. I’m an RN. We like to say, “if you didn’t chart it (write it down) you didn’t do […]